Heading Home

The timing of my visit to the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita was just about perfect. Their six new African elephants who came over from Swaziland in March were finally all comfy with each other and with Stephanie, the resident 45-year-old, and all could share their five-acre yard together. Here are five of seven, new matriarch Stephanie […]

one step follows another

It all feels experimental these days. I begin each painting with the scary but exciting sensation that I have no idea what I’m doing. This is clearly not completely true, but there is a kernel of truth in it that I think is vital because that’s where play and experimentation live. Since each day’s work […]

Better Angels at the Springfield Museums

The exhibit looks wonderful on its specially built wall. Next week I’ll have the chance for the very first time to get it photographed without its protective acrylic covers that are always reflecting something. The museum has also included notebooks with the short anecdotal stories I have written about each of the men for viewers […]

Animals I Have Met

At the start of 2015, I began meeting the animals I paint. At the Houston Zoo I fell for their apes.    Their Asian elephants, bongos, and cats… At the Maryland Zoo I met African elephants. At the Denver Zoo a young Grevy’s Zebra And a brand new daddy So many to paint; so little time.  

Rosamund Gifford Zoo

Ain’t he a beaut. (I think he’s a he but I’m actually not sure.) He was very engaged. His home is a biggish but not huge cage with chain link walls and ceiling – sky above, a bit of a hill, tree, downed trees and branches for climbing. a tiny pool. There was one glass wall for paw-to-paw […]


It’s more than a year since I posted last and I have been hard at work on the Animalia series. These animals have pulled me in deeper and deeper and I love it. After the debut exhibit in November at the University of Massachusetts’ Hampden Gallery, my next adventures will entail travel so that I […]

Animalia: The Endangered

  Introducing Marlene (Galapagos’ Pinzon Island Tortoise 36″ x 36″), Olivia (Jaguar 16″ x 16″) and Oscar (Sumatran Orangutan 16″ x 16″). As an artist, I depend on my work to lead me. This is often easier said than done. The only way I know to make this happen is to work, then work some […]


KINGDOM ANIMALIA.  Where do I start with this many-threaded story?    I really do not know how to paint right now.  I can paint, surely.  My skills have even improved with all the practice of Better Angels. Yet I say I don’t know how to paint NOW because I spent three years using only “00” […]

More Books… Finally

 Patience.   So much patience. Finally three more altered book sculptures from my 10-volume World’s Popular Encyclopedia, 1937, series are finally done and photographed.  Pictured here is a closeup of Volume 5, Heart/Heat.  The sculpture is made from Volume 5 itself, set on a base salvaged from an old Singer Sewing Machine table that my […]

Waiting for Paint to Dry

Alas! Acrylic has never been my medium. In my hands I have always found it inelegant and clumsy. This is not to demean any of my wonderful artist friends who handle it so well. My pet peeve has been how quickly it dries. Nonetheless I do use it from time to time as underpaint or […]