Art Lover: Shenga

Here’s my May Art Lover post for Patreon. Join me there.

Patreon is a wonderful 21st Century model designed to facilitate artists (like me!) to develop communities with friends and patrons (like you!). Patreon partners help support me WHILE I create the work I create. In exchange I welcome you to my process and create monthly videos just for you.

Every month I share an Art Lover video where I document the creation of one portrait from start to finish. The recent addition of a Go Pro to my equipment arsenal means these videos will soon incorporate much more time lapse footage of actual painting sessions. These are informative and FUN!

I also make a monthly This and That video about – well, any old thing.

One more thing! I make about ten Animal Lover videos every year, diving into my zoo research trips to talk about one species or one animal. Again: informative and FUN!

Join me!

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