Art Lover Video: Stephanie & Arusi

Once a month I make an Art Lover video that takes one painting from meeting the animal through the finished product. This is the first that has incorporated a little time lapse video. My intent is to introduce my animal subject and show the bones of my process. And have it be fun, engaging & not too long.

This month’s video is about the painting “Stephanie & Arusi,” a 48×48 oil on wood painting that happily has a new home in Colorado. It’s a different painting for me in several ways; most importantly because the portrait is about their relationship. My other portraits are about presenting an individual being.

Join me on where I post two or more videos every month. I have changed the model for my page to be a space where anyone can support what I do at whatever level they wish – thank you very much! – and I can make and share videos about my process and my art. And my zoo visits when I can make them! You can see my content for free too if you wish.

I am just learning how to use my new GoPro camera which I got specifically to help me make time lapse videos more conveniently. Then I can make more process shots when I’m working. Always something new…

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