Gumball, Model 223


Bought the gumball machine at a garage sale in Boulder and wanted to fill it like this from the beginning. Took me years tho. The bullets are inert, drilled out but real. I bought them from a guy in Ohio. Legit. I had to fill in each bottom again and touch it with bronze paint so they looked whole again. I knew nothing about ammunition or bullets when I went into the store to buy some. This was in MA. I couldn’t buy any without having a permit – but they did let me look. Right away the .223 was visually the bullet I wanted to go with my gumballs. It was only later I learned the .223 was the Sandy Hook bullet, and for most of the others.

It took $60 worth of gumballs to fill the jar. It is no longer a functioning gumball dispenser.

Price includes $100 for shipping.


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