In the Beginning


Original price was: $1,200.00.Current price is: $550.00.

In the Beginning is from my Enviro series. Each of these began with a finished paint-by-number I found in a thrift store or garage sale that was glued to the surface of the larger painting. The palette and style of the paint-by-number determined the color of the painting.

Each of these paintings also includes some oblique nod to environmental issues and how ubiquitous (and unnoticed) degradation and pollution are. Here it is the smoke coming from the chimney. I took the steeple off what was a church in the paint-by-number and made it a barn, and with the house, a farm.

In the carriage are the artist’s father, Bob and his grandfather Peter circa early 1920s. There is a 3-dimensional plastic deer in front of the tree in the center. The painting is continued onto the sides and is not meant to be framed.

24 x 24 x 1.75, oil on wood panel, 2007



In the Beginning

In the Beginning   24 x 24 x 1.75, oil & collage on wood panel, 2007

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