Transitions… and Gorillas

In the last couple days (and a few days yet to come), I have been posting what seems to be an avalanche of missives. Truth is, I have been making videos monthly for Patreon, hoping to make the model work for me in support of my work, and it hasn’t happened. I still believe in Patreon as a model for any of us to become mini-patrons directly supporting our favorite creatives in the CREATION of their work. I LOVE IT.

What did joyfully come to pass was a 20-month tutorial in making videos about my work and the animals I paint. Lots of mistakes, lots of fun, lots learned. I have posted few of these videos here over the past year, but I now filling in with all these retroactive posts. Since I now have a GoPro as well as a basic video camera, it’s very easy for me to set up the time lapse to shoot as I paint. The process is mesmerizing even to me because I couldn’t tell you the order in which I do most things, but the video can. I see no reason to stop shooting while I paint and posting the process when I’m done. This blog will be my primary place for posting.

Here is a July 2019 video about one of my favorite animals: gorillas.

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