More Books… Finally

Heart_Heat, detail web Patience.   So much patience.

Finally three more altered book sculptures from my 10-volume World’s Popular Encyclopedia, 1937, series are finally done and photographed.  Pictured here is a closeup of Volume 5, Heart/Heat.  The sculpture is made from Volume 5 itself, set on a base salvaged from an old Singer Sewing Machine table that my neighbor was throwing away.  Covering the open book is a 3/8″ piece of glass with one 1/2″ drill hole that took me two months and two glass companies in two states to get right.  The crooked red artery is made from a neon glass tube made perfectly to order (sans neon).  The veins are made of plastic tubing and attached to a bunsen burner.  The heart is made from many layers of sausage casing wrapped and dried over a balloon that was later removed.  The veins and arteries are covered with the same casing.  I love the tracings and patterns in the material.  The light is from an LED bulb in the base delivered to the heart through fiber optic filaments in the artery.

Complete pictures of Volume 5, plus images of Volume 1, Art/Artery and Volume 2, Buckwheat/Buddha will be posted on my website before this night is out.  After this, there is only one more book to go.

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