choosing the next

shipped 20 paintings out of the studio. empty walls.

Working on a 48×48 portrait of Sango, a beautiful lion and first-time dad I met almost a year ago at the Denver Zoo.

img_1421Usually, as I get involved in a painting, I have some sense of my subject coming forward and entering the painting. If their presence is weak, I speak to them. My paint is definitely going onto the surface but I experience my subjects emerging from beneath, coming towards me, stepping into themselves, entering the painting from the back. Funny thing.

Sango is still emerging.

I almost always work on more than one painting at a time – most often at least three and sometimes as many as five. Now, with cleared wall space, it’s time to start some new work. Perhaps a black rhino and one of the big cats from from my wonderful recent visit to the Sedgwick County Zoo. But first, I know I want to start a big elephant. A small selection of my choices:

elephant-10 elephant-20-crop simunye-6 simunye-14-crop-web


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