Better Angels at the Springfield Museums

BA Springfield

The exhibit looks wonderful on its specially built wall. Next week I’ll have the chance for the very first time to get it photographed without its protective acrylic covers that are always reflecting something. The museum has also included notebooks with the short anecdotal stories I have written about each of the men for viewers to browse.

BA C-U 1

I had an opportunity last week to give a 45 minute talk at the museum about the paintings and the men. That was a first for me and I was grateful for the opportunity to tell some of their stories. I hear we’ve had visitors traveling from Boston and Connecticut to see the paintings. New York is not too far for the intrepid.

BA C-U 2

Better Angels will be at the Wood Museum of Springfield History through July 10th. One admission gets you four museums, plus a Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden at this wonderful complex in downtown Springfield, MA.

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