meeting my subjects…

Last week I finished painting a Malayan tiger I’d met in Houston in May 2015. While painting, I didn’t know the tiger’s name or age or gender. I only knew that two of the more than twenty times I came to visit, the tiger would be awake, sitting up in the grass, surveying their world […]

Rosamund Gifford Zoo

Ain’t he a beaut. (I think he’s a he but I’m actually not sure.) He was very engaged. His home is a biggish but not huge cage with chain link walls and ceiling – sky above, a bit of a hill, tree, downed trees and branches for climbing. a tiny pool. There was one glass wall for paw-to-paw […]

Animalia: The Endangered

  Introducing Marlene (Galapagos’ Pinzon Island Tortoise 36″ x 36″), Olivia (Jaguar 16″ x 16″) and Oscar (Sumatran Orangutan 16″ x 16″). As an artist, I depend on my work to lead me. This is often easier said than done. The only way I know to make this happen is to work, then work some […]

photo: John Polak

The Gumball Saga

I bought this gumball machine several years back from a yard sale in Boulder.  It’s a little nicked here and there and was missing it’s top connector-thingy.  For several years now I have imagined filling it with bullets as a sculpture.  Well, little did I know.  A few weeks back I stopped into Dick’s Sporting […]