Betty (Bactrian Camel)

Because they are a beast of burden, Bactrian camels are only endangered in the wild. Domesticated for centuries, they made travel on the Silk Road possible. They are the shaggy two-humped camel endemic to the steppes of Central Asia.

The total population of domesticated camels might number two million, but only a few small pockets of wild bactrian camels remain in one region of Kazakhstan. On the endangered spectrum, “Extinct in the Wild” is one of the categories.

All the Animalia paintings in the SALE shop are from 2013 or 2014, my first years painting endangered species. Beginning in 2015, I would meet every animal I painted, and subtle differences ensued. More than any other reason, that’s why these paintings are on sale. I no longer show them with post-2015 work.

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