Video Class in the Painting Studio

Without much fanfare, I launched my page at the beginning of this year. is a very exciting crowd-funded way to rally behind artists we love and for those artists (me!) to share and interact in return. It nurtures community between artist and audience.

To that end, I’ve been making videos, fiddling with sound and lighting, form and content. I’m still learning, with two interns signed up for the summer and big plans. I am very excited about Patreon and the real opportunity it offers me to vigorously continue my work painting and supporting endangered species.

Please check it out. You can follow me for free or be my patron for as little as $1/mo. At $4/mo you get the monthly Animal Lover Video; at $5 you also get the monthly Art Lover Video that covers one painting from animal to finished work. The next level up, the re-named Art Lover Expanded Video is for those who want to watch me paint and talk about painting.

In this short video (shot in my new home/studio) I explain the four videos I’m making every month, and talk about how I paint and why I’m painting at all.

Thank you!

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