Rhu (clouded leopard)


Rhu is a gorgeous clouded leopard I first met at the Houston Zoo in 2015. Native to the Himalayas, clouded leopards can actually run both up and DOWN tree trunks with equal speed. Although very endangered in the wild, I see them quite often in the zoos I visit – likely because of an active breeding program with the AZA, not because more are brought in from the wild. They are also often quite hard to see in the zoos since their preferred resting place is high on whatever rock wall their zoo has provided.

These portraits are 11×14, oil on canvas board. I painted most of them in the winter and spring of 2018/19 because I needed to sit to work.  A slow-healing foot injury had me off my feet.

Shipping within the U.S. is free. International customers, please message me for a shipping quote.

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