SOLD Kallie Broken Tusk (African Elephant) 11×14


Kallie was 35 years old when I met her at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in 2017 where she is one of five members of their family of African elephants: four aging females and a one-tusked male named Willy.

Tusks continue to grow at about ½ inch per month, and are simultaneously worn down by use. Elephants are handed, like people, and tusks are rarely worn down evenly. Don’t know how her tusk was broken, but the smoothness of the edges means it was some time back.

These portraits are 11×14, oil on canvas board. I painted most of them in the winter and spring of 2018/19 because I needed to sit to work.  A slow-healing foot injury had me off my feet.

Shipping within the U.S. is free. International customers, please message me for a shipping quote.

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