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I met this Grizzly on a rainy cold October day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs in 2018. The grizzlies and Amur tigers were about the only zoo animals happy with the day’s weather, as I recall. Most other species were taking advantage of their indoor quarters that day.

I couldn’t take my eyes off his claws. They were as long as my fingers.

Although I don’t know for sure, it is likely the two grizzlies I met here were rescued from somewhere and couldn’t go back into the wild. Either because they couldn’t be broken of a habit of human contact or because some crazy human had kept them captive in cages until they were rescued.

These portraits are 11×14, oil on canvas board. I painted most of them in the winter and spring of 2018/19 because I needed to sit to work.  A slow-healing foot injury had me off my feet.

Shipping within the U.S. is free. International customers, please message me for a shipping quote.

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